BA Studies


Fine Arts- Graphics

Our aim  is to train professionals, who are able to manage picturegraphics (engraving), the traditional applied types of advertising graphics, the integrated usage of photography and text, as well as the challenge of the 21st  century: to use the electronic motion picture in complex image design.

Students in the BA programme can choose from three specializations:

advertising graphics (typographic art, imagedesign, poster art, wrapping, webdesign);

audio-visual structure (video, promotion clips, TV graphics, media history, intermedia, multimedia, installation);

narrative picture (book art, illustrations, comics, animation).


Musical Pedagogy


The Musical Pedagogy specialty looks back to a past of 15 years. It was the first musical training that was established in the Romanian Hungarian higher education after the regime change. With the help of domestic and international professionals a musical education was born. Among the teachers a great number of qualified representative can be found of various fields, such as: composer, conductor, musicologist, music teacher, piano and organ virtuoso, and soloist.

Together with the BA compulsory classes a great deal of optional courses help the students’ skills. These are: sound design and religious organ music, instrument and singing lessons, and students have the opportunity to learn the depths of computer based sheet music composing. By our partnership programmes our students are able to experience part-time training periods in renowned international institutions (one or two semesters).